Friday, 26 May 2017

First Assist Landlord 365 - A real alternative for hard pressed landlords

The general misconception of landlord is of uncaring money grubbing and self serving lot. You just have to look at how the media tend to portray us. Well we aren't all wealthy and for many landlords it is not even their main income. 

With the looming changes to the tax system and landlord licencing coming to a neighborhood near you its more important than ever to look a ways to save money

With over twelve years’ experience as landlords and developers we are fully aware of what faces landlords on a day to day basis. We believe that we can change the way things are done by allowing you the landlord to self-manage in a new way. You can pay less and get more with our unique service.

The First Assist Landlord 365 way helps all of our members increase profits and drive down the costs of maintaining rental property.

Our mission is to ensure you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we are taking care of business.

First Assist Landlord 365 will fill the gap and take the strain landlords experience when letting property.

Our team of professionals have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the rental market and building trade. Our contractors have all been handpicked and fully vetted to ensure quality service at all stages.All our team understand and work within our core values of efficiency and value for money.

The First Assist team are here to support your needs and give you and your tenant the highest level of service through First Assists Landlord 365 dedicated property management solution.

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